Corporate Services and Security Consultants

Internal Investigations and pre-employment background checks

Goar Investigations, LLC serves as consultants to discover and investigate breaches of labor, company policies, and compliance procedures. Internal investigations of misuse of  privileged data, cybersecurity, social media, and misappropriation of company assets.

Pre-Employment Background Checks

Goar Investigations, LLC provides compliant  pre-employment background checks using only the strictest adherence to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Our clients depend on being protected, and screening services are unable to provide the personalized protection of a boutique agency. 

Our clients range in size from 10-11,000 employees, and we only offer one comprehensive option at one rate designed to save fees.

Goar Investigations, LLC transmits sensitive data by secure email only. We do not collect, digitally store, or sell your employee's information. 

Outsourced Separations

At times company goals may not align with current in-house talent, and termination of employment may be necessary. 

Goar Investigations, LLC creates a layer between the company and the separation of employment. We use best practices for termination of an employee, or for entire departments-providing for minimal disruption to remaining staff and daily operations.